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Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Build Out of Dempster Eye Center

Trenches ready for underground plumbing and electrical piping at our Commercial Eye Doctor Build out »

August 25, 2023

Starting cutting the concrete for the underground plumbing at Dempster Eye Center »

August 23, 2023

We have snapped the lines for the new rooms to be built at our commercial project in Morton Grove »

August 22, 2023

Demolition is done at Dempster Eye Center in Morton Grove »

August 19, 2023

Demolition has started in Morton Grove at the Eye Doctor Center »

August 15, 2023

Before pictures of the new location for Dempster Eye Center »

August 14, 2023

We will be starting the build out of Dempster Eye Center in Morton Grove »

August 10, 2023


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